Strada starts B license English course.  Now you can study all theory lessons also in English. Ask starting courses at Myyrmäki office!

First theory lesson (lesson B1) is in Strada´s Myyrmäki office, but the rest of the lessons (lessons B2-19) you study and participate at home in our virtual classroom. All you need is computer or tablet-computer, selfie- or web-camera and microphone, for example phones headset.  After you have study all the theory lessons, you can start your driving lessons. You can choose car with manual or automatic transmission for training.


English B-course 1702 € (norm. 2002€) include:

  • 19 h theory lessons in English (á45min)
  • Self-study material in internet, including e-book
  • Office and phone service fee
  • 17h driving lessons, on weekdays mainly at 8 am to 5 pm (á50min)
  • Using school car in driving exam
  • VAT tax

You don´t have to pay everything at once. You can pay it in 4 parts, but everything must be paid before the driving exam. It is also possible to apply finance.  Ask more.

Additional costs (not included in the course price):

  • Driver’s license permit 40€
  • Theory exam 31€ / 94€
  • Driving exam 65€
  • Slippery track charge 70€
  • Dark driving simulation 122€
  • Medical certificate
  • Passport pictures


  • Simulator driving lesson 45€
  • Extra driving lessons 1 = 90€
  • Extra driving lessons 4 = 330€ (norm. 360€)
  • Extra driving lessons 8 = 670€ (norm. 720€)


Do not hesitate to ask more!
Strada Myyrmäki p.010 320 5890 or myyrmaki@strada.fi
Strada Malmi p.010 320 5892 or malmi@strada.fi

Phone servicei open Mon-Thu 10-17 (Friday closed)


You are also very welcome to visit our office at Myyrmäki or Malmi. Look offices opening times:

Myyrmäki office is open:  Mon 10-17, Tue 10-14, Wed 13-17, Thu 10-14 (Fridays office is closed)
Malmi office is open:  :  Mon 13-17, Tue 13-17, Wed 10-14, Thu 13-17 (Fridays office is closed)


All starting courses you can see HERE! Please, registration in advance or come 30minutes early before course starts.