Now you can study all B-theory lessons also in English. Ask starting courses at Myyrmäki office!

First theory lesson (Starting-info) is in Strada´s Myyrmäki office. Theory lessons (EAS 4h + RTK 4h) are online lessons, which you study at home. All you need is computer or tablet-computer and a working internet connection.  After you have study all the theory lessons, you can start your driving lessons. You can choose car with manual or automatic transmission for training.


English B-course 1567€, include:

  • Starting-info at Strada (á45min)
  • 4h EAS Basic of traffic – online lessons (á45min)
  • Self-study material in internet, including e-book
  • Office and phone service fee
  • 10h driving lessons, on weekdays mainly at 8 am to 5 pm (á50min)
  • RTK Risk Management course (4h theory online lessons + 4h driving)
  • Using school car in driving exam
  • VAT tax

You don´t have to pay everything at once. You can pay it in 4 parts, but everything must be paid before the driving exam. It is also possible to apply finance.  Ask more.

Additional costs (not included in the course price):

  • Driver’s license permit fee 35€
  • Theory exam 35€ / 94€
  • Driving exam 90€
  • Slippery track fee 80€


  • Extra driving lessons 1 = 90€


Do not hesitate to ask more!
Strada Myyrmäki p.010 320 5890 or toimisto@strada.fi

Myyrmäki office and phone service is open Mon-Thu 10-17 (Friday closed)


All starting courses you can see HERE! Please, registration in advance or come 30minutes early before course starts.