B course in English

Now you can study all B- lessons also in English!

First starting-info is in Strada´s Myyrmäki office or you can get all information also in email. Theory lessons (EAS 4h + RTK 4h) are online lessons, which you study at home. All you need is computer or tablet-computer and internet connection.  After you have study all the theory lessons, you can start your driving lessons. You can choose car with manual or automatic transmission for training.

B course, 1340€

  • Starting-info
  • Self-study material in Webauto, including e-book and theorytest practising
  • Office and phone service
  • 14h driving lessons, on weekdays mainly at 8 am to 5 pm (á50min)
    • 5h driving in simulator
    • 9h driving by car
  • 8h online theory lessons (á45min)
    • 4h EAS
    • 4h RTK
  • Using school car in driving exam
  • VAT tax

You don´t have to pay everything at once. You can pay it in 4 parts, but everything must be paid before the driving exam. It is also possible to apply finance.  Ask more.

Additional costs (not included in the course price):

  • Driver’s license permit fee 24€ / 39€
  • Theory exam 40€ / 107€
  • Driving exam 99€
  • Slippery track fee 80€


  • Extra driving lessons, 50min = 92€
  • Extra driving pacage I, 3*50min = 264€
  • Extra driving pacage II, 4*50min = 348€


Do not hesitate to ask more!
Strada Myyrmäki:
Phone: 010 320 5890
Text/WhatsApp: 040 455 9628
Email: toimisto@strada.fi

Myyrmäki office and phone service is open Mon 10-17, Tue 10-14, Wed 13-17 and Thu 10-14. (Friday closed)


Driving school progress:

  1. Sing up to Strada driving school by phone, email or at the office
  2. Starting info and teaching contract
  3. Apply for drivers license at Strada or Ajovarma
  4. EAS and RTK theory lessons (4h+4h)
  5. Driving lessons can start
  6. Theory test (be sure to practice beforehand)
  7. Driving test